Sinan Öztüre

An extremely rare case “nervus madianus nerve damage caused by a pulled elbow” which is also considered a phenomenon in medical literature, was succesfully cured by an operation in Hisar Intercontinental Hospital.
32 years old Sinan Öztüre from Roterdam Netherland, experienced a pulled elbow traumata after falling on his elbow by an unexpected accident while attending a tournament in aid for children. After a month of diagnosis and treatment, his pain got worse instead of getting better, so he came to Turkey, to Hisar Intercontinental Hospital. After the examinations, doctors decided he was suffering from an extremely rare case that could only be considered a phenomenon: he was diagnosed with nervus medianus nerve (one of the main nerves managing the hand) damage which is caused by a pulled elbow.

After a succesful operation they relaxed the nerve and successfully recovered it.

Orthopedics and traumatology specialist from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital made the following statement; “damage on the nervus medianus nerve caused by a pulled elbow is a  rare case. There are very few cases all around the world. After an advanced and detailed MR examination, we checked if the nerve was in the right place. The nerve was pulled from where it should be, moved its way towards the diarthrosis and stuck there, and as a result of this, it lost it’s functionality. He wasn’t able to move his thumb and index finger; his middle, ring and little finger was completely numb. In addition, he wasn’t able to move his elbow properly. After some preparations, we moved to the operation phase. During the operation we saw that the nerve wasn’t where it should be and moved it’s way towards the diarthrosis and stuck there. We did the necessary relaxation procedure. Our patient was relieved right after the operation. We thought that a certain amount of time was necessary for the nerve functions to recover. Our patient however recovered much faster than we anticipated and now he can pretty much move his whole hand.

What is Medianus?

It’s one of the nerves of the arm. It starts from the arm nerve network located on the neck, goes through the upper arm, makes its way in front of the elbow towards the forearm and ends in the palm. It doesn’t divaricate on the upper arm but it ramifies in the forearm, wrist, most of the muscles used for bending the fingers inside, hand, the skin on the thumb, index finger, middle finger, half of the ring finger, palm and tips of the first three fingers.

Sinan Öztüre

Orthopedics and Traumatology