Oncology (Cancer Treatment)

Experience and technological equipment of the health institution chosen for the treatment of cancer has a great significance in improving the patient’s quality of life and the treatment of the disease. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital not only provides early diagnosis programs for cancer, but also offers a private treatment plan by combining the experience of the physicians and operation team with all the facilities of advanced technology.
Our surgery team operates successfully in removing the breast, head-neck, stomach-intestine system, lung, cervix, prostate, etc. tumors from the patient’s body by operation.
Medical Oncology Department applies prevention and scanning programs for the patients not yet diagnosed as cancer and performs treatments with cytotoxic medication aimed at the tumor and immunity system (immunotherapy) for the patients diagnosed as cancer.
Treatment programs with Multidisciplinary Tumor Councils adopted as a modern approach in the follow-up of chronic diseases in medicine are administered by discussion of the doctors from related branches.
Psychological support groups are also created to enhance the spirits and psychological states of our patients, which is one of the most important stages in struggling with cancer.
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