Brain and Spine Center

Spine Center

Although spinal disorders, such as deformities (i.e., scoliosis and kyphosis) and low back pain, are very common in our country, we suffer a scarcity in number of spinal surgeons and hospitals, where high-tech diagnostic devices are available and safe surgeries can be carried out. The Hisar Spine Center is one of the most qualified centers that has high-tech diagnostic device and operative facilities and it is largely fulfilling this need at the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.

Correct solutions for all spinal diseases:

The Hisar Spine Health Center successfully treats congenital and acquired abnormal spinal curvatures and humpback (scoliosis, kyphosis), spondylosis, spinal fractures and dislocations, and spine infections and tumors.

Treatment of Spinal Tumors

Spinal tumors include tumors that originate from bones, nerves and soft tissues.

Safe Spinal Surgery

Safe surgery is carried out based on experience, knowledge and modern technology (spinal cord monitoring). The spinal cord and the nerves are intraoperatively monitored by a special device and thus, the risk of stroke during the operation is zeroed.

Not Every Lumbar Pain Is Innocent!

All the people on the Earth have definitely suffered from low back pain at a certain moment of the life. Serious pain and neurologic injury are caused by lumbar spondylolisthesis especially in young people and by degenerative spinal stenosis of the nervous canals. Surgical treatment is unavoidable in patients with neurological disorders, such as numbness and loss of strength, who do not respond to conservative methods. One should always remember that tumors and spinal infections also lead to low back pain. All those diseases that cause low back pain are successfully treated at our center.

Professor Semih Takka (K), MD



Associate Professor Halil BURÇ, MD



Associate Professor Gürsel SAKA, MD