Quality Policy

International Quality Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards ensure improvement of healthcare and safety of patients. Our hospital is responsible for the quality of patient care and safety in all surveys for the last 10 years starting at the foundation date. All healthcare and patient safety documentations are reviewed and revised after each survey.

International AccreditedHealthcare

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental  was first accredited by JCI in 2006 – the first year of the foundation. Hisar Hospital Intercontinental has undergone and successfully passed re-accreditation surveys in 2017.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental has become one of the 450 accredited public and private organizations worldwide.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is operated in strict compliance with the accreditation standards and rules of JCI (Joint Commission International). The hospital accreditation program initiated simultaneously  with the construction  of the building in 2006. All aspects of the building have been designed in line with the JCI accreditation standards.