Our Mission & Vision

In 2005, Hisar Hospital Intercontinental joined the ranks of the world’s new generation ‘smart’ hospitals. Based on a unique vision and years of investigation and research, Hisar uses an intelligent digital platform and smart technology within a custom designed building to give guest patients access to the very latest medical technology and a holistic individualized program of treatment and care, all in the controlled comfort and environment of a tranquil luxury hotel.

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is an environment of excellense, comfort, tranquility and spiritual calm that brings together the very latest in medical expertise, science and technology with age old concept of holistic wellbeing, healing, comfort and hospitality. More than just a patient, you are our valued guest. Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is a home away from home, to aid a comfortable and speed recovery.

This vision encompasses the cultural , spiritual, entertainment, culinary, leisure and concierge service requirements of our international patients and their accompanying family members and companions, as well as ensuring the highest level of coordinated medical care from our Hisar Hospital team of internationally trained and highly experienced physicians and medical specialists.

You are the center of our attention. We believe you will notice the difference.