640 Cross-section Computed Tomography

When You Need Accurate and Early Diagnosis

We are at your service with a state-of-the-art Computerized Tomography System!

The new high-tech Computerized Tomography System not only play a great role in the evaluation of many diseases, ranging from early diagnosis to treatment planning, with the next generation imaging techniques, but it also offers the opportunity of the most accurate and the earliest diagnosis.

Our facility provides all the patients with the most reliable, comfortable and the quickest medical imaging services that use low radiation doses and ensure highest quality of diagnostic results.

We Combine Modern Technology with Quality and Efficient Service Approach

Aquilion One is the strongest and cutting edge scanner around the globe and it creates images with unrivaled sensitivity and resolution. The next generation Computerized Tomography System allows coronary CT angiograms round the clock for the emergency patients. The affected area of the brain in stroke patients can easily be imaged without needing an extra imaging modality. Moreover, images are quickly acquired and processed three dimensionally within several seconds in patients with multi-trauma or pulmonary embolism and thus, the accurate diagnosis is made and the treatment is started immediately. Obese patients with body weight up to 300 kg can be scanned thanks to the gantry width of 78 cm.

We Combine Modern Technology with Quality and Efficient Service Approach

The device offers a unique sensitivity and detail by reconstructing 640 slices in each turn. This special coverage area allows the ability to scan many organ in a single turn and thus, the need to helical scanning is eliminated. Therefore, the dose of radiation is strikingly decreased comparing to the conventional tomography imaging. High-quality 3D images can be acquired even with low-dose radiation in trauma patients, as the detector is substantially wide and it has high resolution.

What Are the Superiorities of One Vision Computed Tomography Comparing to Other Tomography Devices?

  • 640-slice Computerized Tomography enables maximum process rate with minimum radiation,
  • Improved virtual angiogram and intra-stent imaging,
  • Ability to scan coronary CT angiogram round the clock,
  • Quick intervention for strokes,
  • Accurate treatment planning for all vascular diseases (neck, aorta, brain),
  • Lower radiation doses for babies and children,
  • The most sensitive scanning with thinnest slice (0.5 cm),
  • Ability to scan during movements thanks to very quick imaging process (especially for babies),
  • Ability to scan obese patients (up to 300 kg),
  • Decreased total exposure to radiation due to lowest radiation dose in repeated scans of patients with cancer or chronic disease,
  • Cardiac angiogram,
  • Virtual colonoscopy,
  • Imaging for dental and maxillofacial surgeries,
  • Dynamic-kinematic imaging in mobile joints,
  • Patients can be scanned in a safer and more comfortable manner without need to wait in the list, resulting in quick diagnosis and earlier employment of the treatment.