Facing The Fear Of Back Surgery

Facing The Fear Of Back Surgery

Spine Surgery is included the operations and various interventions made on spine that surrounds/protects this sensitive nerve tissue with spinal cord and nerve roots. Various diseases of spine and spine cord may lead to clinical diseases caused by structural, functional and /or mechanical disorders.


Spine, spine cord and nerve roots affected by many diseases such as mainly loss of nerveous system function such as loss of paralysis and sensory, limitation of motion of spine, deformations may bring clinical signs and symptoms out .


The most common disease groups:

Disc diseases (Back and Neck hernia,…) : It can emerge with strain of discs located among spines or degenerative effects over the years. Surgical or nonsurgical treatments are required according to extente of disease, form of existance, placement and clinical chart.


Degenerative disorders of aging spine: It may cause to narrowing of spinal canal or similiar clinical charts giving symptoms such as gait disturbance, pain/numbness in arms and legs, movement difficulties and loss of function caused by pressure of rising in spine cord and nerve rots that have structural defects on soft tissue .


Spine, Spine cord and Tumors of nerve roots: These tumors could be primary tumors or metastasis which bounces off from other part of body to spine. For some patients, surgical treatment might be sufficient and patient can be healed; for some tumors, radiothraphy, chemothraphy and other treatments are applied in addition to surgical treatment.


Vascular Diseases : Spinal hemorrhages and vascular diseases of spinal cord (vascular balls, fisculas,…) are suddenly rising diseases and require the urgent diagnosis and treatment.


Traumas: Spinal cord and nerve injuries caused by emerged fractures/ decomposition and ruptures of spine for reasons such as traffic accidents, falling from height (severe paralysis and pains etc.); degradation of strength and load-carrying and movement ability (Spinal instability) is encountered urgent situations. Urgent diagnosis and treatment might be life saver or prohibitive for severe disability.


Pediatric spinal disorders: Congenital spine and spine cord abnormalities, deformities,
(Opened spinal canal, pouched spine cord and nerves/ to be open outside,.. diseases and cysts of the spinal cord,…) are diseases which require versatile and precision approach and treatment intended for diagnosis.


Infections and Abscesses: it is usually among critical and urgent diseases which require surgical and/or medicine treatment.


Effection of disease widespreaded to other organ in body on Spine:
As those diseases could grow in a very short period of time ( sudden/acute onset, ex. hemorrhages, acute hernias,…) could spread to very long time for over the years( chronic inveterate, ex. degenerative diseases of the spine,…) Sign and symptoms are pain, gait disorders, limitation of movement, deformity, weakness, loss of sensorym muscle melting, thinning arms and legs, urinary and fecal control disorders.


Advanced imaging techniques, electrophysicological studies(EMG, EPs,) such as new generation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography as well as detailed neurological examination anf routine tests are required for early diagnosis and treatment of large group of diseases.


When it is neccesary by applying surgical treatment on this very sort of diseases holding spine and spinal cord/nerves, Satisfactory solutions could be received. In this area, it is extremely possible to treat this disease by using advantages of brain and nerve surgery and by applying new surgical understanding and technical approaches effecting patient just a bit and with short stay in hospital, relief of spinal cord and nerve roots and reconstruction and stabilization of spine is actively provided.


The Spinal Cord and spine surgery is realized successfully with multidisciplinary approach by experienced team.