Arthroplasty And Adult Reconstructıve Surgery

Arthroplasty And Adult Reconstructıve Surgery   Knee and hip prostheses are made with the help of the latest surgical techniques in order to resolve the knee and hip arthrosis (joint degeneration that is seen in the joints with age and that develops corrosion and aging) of our elderly patients. In addition, revision surgery is applied in softening and infection issues of these prostheses; and the Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Departments cooperatively work for the rehabilitation of this group of our patients.   Knowledge and

Tiny hearts should run healthy towards the future…

Tiny hearts should run healthy towards the future… Children as our future are more important than anything else. Our biggest dream is to watch them grow into healthy, happy and successful individuals. However, some children begin their lives with more challenges than their peers.   We spoke to vascular surgery specialist about increasingly seen congenital heart disease cases in our country.   Why was my child born with a heart disease? First of all you should know that there are many parents all around the world

Facing The Fear Of Back Surgery

Facing The Fear Of Back Surgery Spine Surgery is included the operations and various interventions made on spine that surrounds/protects this sensitive nerve tissue with spinal cord and nerve roots. Various diseases of spine and spine cord may lead to clinical diseases caused by structural, functional and /or mechanical disorders.   Spine, spine cord and nerve roots affected by many diseases such as mainly loss of nerveous system function such as loss of paralysis and sensory, limitation of motion of spine, deformations may

“İlasik” for Eye Defects Treatment

“Ilasik” for Eye Defects Treatment Surg. Faruk Eroğlu, Specialist of Eye Health and Eye Diseases Department in Hisar Intercontinental Hospital informed us about ”İlasik” treatment which is used as the most effective method in treatment of eye defects such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism and enables more than 70 millions of people around the world to give up eye glasses and contact lenses.   What is “ILASIK”? ILASIK is the consolidation of today’s recent laser technology, INTRA-LASE TM and a personal treatment (Advanced CustomVueTM)

We are waiting for you too…

We are pleased to inform you that Hisar Hospital Intercontinental has just started to cooporate with Capetown. Our reputation for outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere, together with a continuous investment in technology and facilities ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We are waiting for you too…

Does your child walk on the balls of her feet?

If your child walks on the balls of her feet and especially if he has recently started walking, you should necessarily visit an Orthopedist and Trautomatology physician. It may be a transient condition, but it may also be alarming sign of a permanent disease. We learned causes of walking on the balls of the feet in children from physicians from Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of Hisar Hospital. Stating that the children usually start walking when 12 to 18 months old and that

You Have the Ace to Smile Freely…

If your gums are barely seen when you smile or if your teeth are not as white and regular as you want and more importantly, if you seek self-confident and more aesthetic smile, laminate veneers can be a good option for you… We talked with Dt. Banu Okur Çakmakçı from Oral and Dental Health Department of Hisar Hospital about aesthetic dentistry… Emphasizing the fact that dentistry not only deals with oral and dental health, but also with dental aesthetics, Dt. Çakmakçı says

False Facts About Breast Health

We think many false facts that are picked up or derived from Internet are correct in breast health and cancer.  Those false facts are usually misleading us about the breast health that is vitally important. Therefore, Breast Health Center of Hisar Hospital informs about breast health. Incorrect: There is no cancer if there is no lump. Correct: Cancer may develop without a lump that can be palpated or felt by the hand. Therefore, mammography plays a very important role in the early

Hisar Hospital Çamlıca Is Opened

We celebrated the opening of Hisar Hospital Çamlıca, the new member of our family, by the participation of valuable managers and team members of Hisar Hospital Intercontinental and Hisar Hospital Çamlıca.

15 Bad Habits Harming Your Teeth…

Even if you pay strict attention to dental care, your bad habits may harm them. We learn bad habits that harm your teeth from Dt. Banu Okur Çakmakçı from Oral and Dental Health Department of Hisar Hospital… Feeding Bottles Feeding your baby with fruit juice, milk or formula at the sleep time using a feeding bottle may make you wide open to dental caries. Therefore, if you feed your baby with liquid foods before sleep, try to avoid leaving the bottle