15 Bad Habits Harming Your Teeth…

Even if you pay strict attention to dental care, your bad habits may harm them. We learn bad habits that harm your teeth from Dt. Banu Okur Çakmakçı from Oral and Dental Health Department of Hisar Hospital…

Feeding Bottles

Feeding your baby with fruit juice, milk or formula at the sleep time using a feeding bottle may make you wide open to dental caries. Therefore, if you feed your baby with liquid foods before sleep, try to avoid leaving the bottle in her mouth while sleeping.



Gnashing is caused by stress and sleep patterns and it may harm your teeth and lead to toothache. The pain can be managed by avoiding solid foods at the day time and using protective apparatus at night.


Chewing gumballs

Since all sugary foods are especially chewed for a longer time, gumballs promote the dental caries.


Opening bottles with teeth

Do not try to open bottles or plastic packages with your teeth. This bad habit may cause development of cracks in your teeth.


Excess consumption of sports drinks and fruit juices

Sports drinks contain high amount of sugar, as they intend to boost the energy level. Those drinks create an acid attack to the enamel. If you consume such drinks too frequently, your teeth decay faster. Although fruit juices contain many vitamins and antioxidant agents in combination, glucose is, unfortunately, found in most of them. Therefore, prefer freshly squeezed fruit juices rather than the canned fruit juices. Moreover, you can decrease the concentration of glucose by adding water.


Eating frequently

Eating frequently will result in formation of bacteria plaques, as food residues will be left on your teeth; this process will accelerate the decay.


Biting pen/pencil

If you bite a pen or pencil due to work stress or heavy workload, you might be seriously damaging your teeth.


Drinking coffee and smoking

Overconsumption of coffee will cause discoloration and yellowing of your teeth in the course of time. If you have concerns about the discoloration of your teeth, discuss with your dentist. As is the case for smoking, all tobacco products cause staining and occurrence of gingival diseases. Use of tobacco products is one of the most important etiologic factors for the mouth cancer.


Eating Disorders

You may face teeth decays especially if you consume desserts excessively. Moreover, if you have an eating disorder, such as bulimia, your teeth will be eroded and bad breath will develop, as continuous vomiting will ensure presence of strong acids in the mouth.


Eating sunflower seeds

Residues accumulate between two teeth and they may harm the teeth and the gingival while you are eating sunflower seeds.